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Heat Up Sunapee Snow Removal

Heat Up Sunapee Snow RemovalEvery New Englander understands that in towns like Sunapee, snow removal is more than a chore; it’s a lifestyle. Even if you don’t mind a shoveling little snow, it never hurts to have some help. Heated walkways can make your snow removal efforts as easy as flipping a switch.


When JCB Designscapes installs your new patios or walkways, heated concrete is an option to consider. Special heated wires are installed directly into the concrete. These heating elements are electrically powered and linked to a control center that can be activated manually or set to kick on when sensors indicate snow is in the forecast for Sunapee.


When snow falls, the warm concrete melts it before it has a chance to accumulate. No shoveling, no icing over, and no need to salt your walkways. Heated walkways ensure a perpetually safe and clean path to your Sunapee home, with no need for shoveling and no worries about refreezing.


In addition to the immediate benefits of instantly melted snow, heated pavement also extends the longevity of the pavement itself. Years of salt, as well as the constant cycle of freezing, thawing and refreezing, can accelerate the wear and tear on paved surfaces. An investment in heated pavement yields both short-term and long-term benefits.


Pavement heating systems are either encased in the concrete itself or placed underneath paver stones. Either way, it's crucial that the heat elements are part of the original construction. If you're considering new hardscaping such as walks, patios or driveways, consider taking them to the next level with heated pavement from JCB!

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