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New Hampshire Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Read the latest articles from JCB Designscapes for tips, advice, trends, and ideas for landscaping in New Hampshire.

Outdoor Living For Lebanon

Once the New England winter is finally over, Lebanon homeowners residents are more than ready to head outdoors. Professional hardscaping from J.C.B. allows you to fully enjoy the warmer months as you improve your home.... Read More

Living Landscaping For Etna

Could your Etna property do for a little burst of life? Adding plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers or grasses is a great way to enhance your home with texture, shape, and color.... Read More

Giving An Edge To Etna Hardscaping

When it comes to providing Etna with professional hardscaping, quality building materials are a top priority. Since all hardscaping in Etna will eventually need to deal with harsh weather... Read More

Fresh Newbury Landscapes

Nothing makes your Newbury property come alive like a varied array of plants. Trees and shrubs can become central features of your yard while flowers, grasses, and smaller shrubs can create stunning accents or fill in smaller spaces... Read More

Professional Hardscaping For Newbury

Quality matters when planning new outdoor construction. Investing in materials that will stand the test of winters should be a top priority. Stone, clay, brick, or concrete paver stones... Read More

New Life With New landscaping In New London

Could your New London landscape use a little sprucing up? Adding plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers or grasses is a great way to invigorate your New London home with texture, shape, and color... Read More

Make the Most of Your New London Property

Professional hardscaping is an investment in your New London home that can be enjoyed now and pays dividends in the future. A new patio or outdoor living space allows you and your family to fully enjoy the outdoors from spring through autumn... Read More

Fresh New Hardscaping in Grantham

Living landscaping is always changing. From yearly bloom cycles, to growth into maturity, plants such as trees, shrubs and flowers are always in some sort of transition. This condition makes landscape planning for your Grantham home both educational and enjoyable... Read More

Fresh New Hardscaping in Grantham

Once the challenging New England winter is over, Grantham residents are more than ready to enjoy the outdoors. Professional hardscaping from J.C.B. gives you and your family the opportunity to fully enjoy the pleasant months as you improve your home... Read More

Fresh New Landscaping for Sunapee

Nothing makes your Sunapee property come alive like an array of plants of varying types, shapes and sizes. Mature trees and shrubs can become central features of your yard while smaller shrubs, flowers, and grasses can create stunning accents. For large, shaded areas, there are a variety of ground cover options that can add life to an otherwise neglected area... Read More

Professional Hardscaping and Masonry in Sunapee

Homeowners of New Hampshire know that the weather in our region is a force to be reckoned with. Ice and snow that freezes, thaws, then refreezes can be very taxing on your home and the hardscaping around it... Read More

Tips To Design Fun & Functional Hardscapes

In every landscape, there are features that we call hardscaping. This includes patios, retaining walls, and other landscape features that aren't alive. It isn't easy to figure out the design of a landscape. … Read More

How To Learn More About Your Sunapee Landscaping Options

If you have never worked with a professional Sunapee landscaper before then you may not be aware of all the possibilities there are. It could even be that you have worked with a landscaper before but … Read More

Making Sense Of Newbury Hardscaping Choices

Everyone has heard of the term landscaping, but mention hardscaping and fewer people will know what type of service it is that you have available to you. When you want to change the look of your property … Read More

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