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Natural Stone Walls In Henniker

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Hundreds of years ago, this region's rocky soil created quite a headache for New England farmers. The fertile land was perfect for farming, but the ever-present rocks made newly cleared fields difficult to plow.

19th century New England farmers had to put the rocks somewhere. Thus began the practice of stacking natural stones into rock walls around the perimeter of pastures and fields. As this trend became more widespread, a spiderweb of rock walls sprung up throughout New Hampshire and all of New England. Before it was all said and done, hundreds of thousands of miles of rock walls had been built in New England.

Today, JCB Designscapes LLC keeps the tradition of New England natural rock walls alive in our expertly crafted hardscapes. While early American walls were more or less storage piles, JCB Designscapes LLC walls add structure and style to your Henniker home. Stone walls have a classic look that can add definition to your outdoor spaces. Free-standing walls offer a classic and durable look when installed around the perimeter of a patio or deck area. Often times, these are used to create seating space for family and guests. Natural stone can also be used as retaining walls for your Henniker property or as planter boxes to house living landscaping.

Modern stone walls require more craftsmanship than the roughly stacked walls of yesteryear. The professionals at JCB Designscapes LLC have decades of experience designing and constructing natural stone walls for Henniker homes that are built to last.

We are proud of our region and its important place in American history. Natural stone walls from JCB Designscapes LLC allow your Henniker hardscape to connect to the past with style and function to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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