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New Outdoor Living For New London Homes

New outdoor living for new london homes

Empty or underused areas of your lawn are often more spacious than they might seem. With some imagination and a little help, you can transform your New London backyard into an exciting and inviting outdoor living space.

A well-furnished patio, especially a covered one, allows you to enjoy the outdoors while providing the comforts of home. The recent emphasis on health and safety has highlighted the benefit of comfortable outdoor areas and the need for family and guests to spread out. Beyond providing safety and space, elevated outdoor living offers a new dimension to time spent at your New London home.

The first step is to designate the size and shape of your new living area. Natural stone or pavers establish the foundation of your new area by creating your patio's surface. Once the space is carved out, the real fun begins. The hardscape experts from JCB Designscapes LLC will design and install outdoor living features tailored to suit you and your family. Whether you're looking for an extensive gathering space, a dining area, or an outdoor kitchen, we have the experience and the skills to make the most out of your New London property.

Installed seating areas, walls, and water or fire features are all potential elements of your new space. Fire pits especially provide an attractive gathering point that offers light, warmth, and atmosphere. Adjacent landscaping such as plant beds and shrubs makes your new area really come alive and provides a buffer between your lawn and your living space. Well-designed landscape lighting lets you enjoy your outdoor area long after the sun has set.

Tap into your New London home's full potential. Enjoy the outdoors for months on end with a living space from JCB Designscapes LLC!

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