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New Landscapes And Hardscapes For Sunapee

New landscapes and hardscapes for sunapee

As New England homeowners emerge from winter hibernation, thoughts turn to warmer days and outdoor activities. For many Sunapee locals, these activities include tending to and enjoying their lawns and landscaping.

Perhaps there is a portion of your yard that could be more fully developed with a new plant bed, shrubs, or trees. Or maybe you would like to go in a new direction by re-purposing existing landscape areas with a new array of flowers or grasses. Whatever ideas have been percolating over the winter, now is a great time to establish a plan to realize those ideas. With the help of JCB Designscapes LLC, you can breathe new life into your Sunapee landscape-just give us a call!

Enjoy Your Summer Outdoors

As brutal as a Sunapee winter can be, New Hampshire summers are some of the best. Long warm evenings can be even better with an well designed outdoor living space. Professionally constructed patios from JCB Designscapes LLC can drastically expand your living space while allowing you to dine and entertain outdoors during the warmer months. Outdoor kitchens and fire pit sitting areas offer both practical and aesthetic benefits for your family and guests to enjoy.

Top Tier Materials

The quality of any hardscape addition depends on the quality of materials used to build it. JCB Designscapes LLC is committed to using premium building materials on all of our Sunapee projects. All of our paver stones, bricks, and beams are top of the line and provide the best possible starting point for your project.

We are also especially proud to offer natural stone walkways, driveways, and patios. There is simply no substitute for the rustic yet refined look of natural stone hewn from a regional quarry. Natural stone hardscaping lasts the test of time and will adorn your Sunapee home for years to come.

Dealing With Drainage

How your Sunapee property handles drainage is an extremely important factor in determining how your outdoor areas can be used. If not properly addressed, land and hardscaping can quickly become subject to erosion. Walls, steps, and walkways can all become compromised if drainage is not taken into account. JCB Designscapes LLC Considers all aspects of every new project, and every need of properties that are entrusted to us.

We take pride in constantly improving Sunapee homes so that they are more beautiful and enjoyable for their homeowners. If you would like ideas on how to liven up your outdoor spaces, we would love to hear from you!

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