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Improvements For Lebanon Landscaping

Improvements for lebanon landscaping

With a new year comes new opportunity for your Lebanon lawn and landscape. If you feel that your current outdoor layout has gotten stale or that some of your landscape is not as healthy or vibrant as it used to be, now is the time for an update.

JCB Designscapes LLC can help turn the ideas you have for your property into a reality that you can enjoy this summer and many more to come. Together, we can lay out a plan to update the array of plants and flowers that make up your plant beds. We can also design ways to develop underused areas of your Lebanon property with new trees, shrubs, or hardscape features.

Lebanon Outdoor Living

New or improved outdoor living spaces allow you to maximize your enjoyment of the warm months. It is cold enough around here for much of the year, so it pays to take advantage of the gorgeous summer season. New or expanded natural stone patios from JCB Designscapes LLC provide an excellent venue for dining or entertaining that is both elegant and durable. A sitting area with a fire-pit offers light, warmth and ambiance so that your enjoyment of the outdoors can continue long after sunset.

At JCB Designscapes LLC, we aim to have your new outdoor living area tailored to your specific lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a drastic expansion that can accommodate a large amount of guests, or a cozy area that provides a more intimate feel, we will come up with a design that matches the goals for your Lebanon home.

Keeping Up With Drainage Needs

Rain can be heavy and unpredictable. Without the proper drainage system in place, it can also be very destructive. Sustained periods of rain can turn your Lebanon lawn into a mucky mess. This limits its usefulness in the short run and compromises turf health in the long run. Over time, flooded roots are susceptible to a variety of diseases. This also applies to tree and shrub roots that consistently experience excess amounts of water.

Unchecked runoff can also disrupt topsoil and mulch. In some cases, it can cause extensive erosion issues that can dislodge plants as well as hardscape elements. If your lawn is not handling rainwater correctly, JCB Designscapes LLC can efficiently and effectively address the situation with limited disruption to your existing landscape. If your Lebanon lawn has been struggling to stay above water, give us a call today to dry things out!

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