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Hardscaping In Hanover

Hardscaping in hanover

Are you ready for your property to realize its full potential this year? After a long winter, Hanover homeowners now have months of pleasant weather to look forward to. With JCB Designscapes LLC's help, you can enhance or remodel your outdoor spaces into beautiful functional living areas.

Unleash Patio Possibilities

When it comes to evaluating your Hanover property, there is a good chance that you have more to work with than you might think. Many homes have neglected or underused areas that are patio living spaces waiting to happen. You would be surprised what even a modest addition can contribute in terms of creating a beautiful and inviting living area. Whether your property and budget allows for a small sitting area, or a spacious outdoor room, JCB Designscapes LLC has everything you need to make the most of your available space.

Paver stones, bricks, and pressed concrete are both structurally sound and aesthetically impressive. At JCB Designscapes LLC, we use the highest quality materials available when building your new Hanover patio. With your ideas and our attention to detail, your new patio will be enjoyed for years to come. A professionally installed patio is a great long-term investment as well. Outdoor living spaces can also be a major selling point when and if your home ever goes on the market. A professionally installed Hanover patio is an investment that pays dividends in the short-term and in the long-run.

Dealing With Drainage

Inadequate drainage can 'sink' an otherwise gorgeous Hanover landscape. Extended periods of standing water can ruin plants and foster annoying insects such as mosquitoes. Runoff from heavy rain can erode soil, mulch, and gravel, damaging landscapes and creating a mess. New plantings need stable soil in order to fully take root. Poor drainage can make this very difficult. A brand new patio is not very inviting when sitting underwater. Fortunately, at JCB Designscapes LLC we always assess possible drainage problems as part of the initial design process.

Permeable paver stones is an exciting invention that prevents standing water by absorbing it. A Hanover patio made of permeable pavers soaks up rainwater and deposits it into the ground or drainage bed. If the location of your new patio includes potential drainage problems, permeable pavers are a great way to get out ahead of the problem.

Regardless of the scope of your new hardscaping project, JCB Designscapes LLC has everything you need to make your Hanover home beautiful and enjoyable for years to come!

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