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Fresh New Landscaping For Sunapee

Fresh new landscaping for sunapee

Nothing makes your Sunapee property come alive like an array of plants of varying types, shapes and sizes. Mature trees and shrubs can become central features of your yard while smaller shrubs, flowers, and grasses can create stunning accents. For large, shaded areas, there are a variety of ground cover options that can add life to an otherwise neglected area.

A fun part of choosing new plantings is anticipating how they will fit in with your existing Sunapee landscaping. Some plants grow very large and take years to reach maturity. On the other hand, annual flowers last only a single growing season. There is a wide spectrum of variety in terms of plant shape, blooming schedules, and colors. When you consider all the factors, the result is a beautiful Sunapee property that is balanced and appealing in terms of color and shape.

In addition to beautifying your yard, landscaping provides several practical benefits. Roots provide structure and stability to soil that could otherwise erode. This makes landscaping especially useful on slopes or hills. As trees and shrubs grow, they can provide shade and privacy, making your yard more inviting and comfortable.

At JCB Designscapes LLC, we provide the insight and experience necessary to formulate a landscape plan that takes into account all the factors necessary to predict what new plantings will look like now, next season, and in years to come. We see your Sunapee yard as an empty canvas ready to be filled up. JCB Designscapes LLC can help take your ideas and turn them into a yard brimming with life and color.

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