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Light Excavation for Bradford Properties

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Some Bradford landscape and hardscape projects require more digging and excavation than shovels and rakes can handle. For these situations, J.C.B Designscapes has the equipment to handle even the big projects that require some light excavation.

Drainage is an aspect of every landscape that must be addressed to ensure the long-term well-being of your property. To do this right, extensive ditches at adequate grades are necessary to accommodate drainage ducts. Even if large drainage systems are deemed unnecessary, your Bradford property will need to be designed to guard against erosion. Many times, this means shaping your yard so that collected rainwater flows properly. This often requires repositioning large amounts of soil, which requires some heavy mechanical lifting.

Over the years, driveways, walkways, and retaining walls often fail in one way or another. Concrete can become cracked or uneven and need replacement or repair. In other cases, your hardscaping needs may have changed so that excavation is necessary in order to add, remove, or modify your paved areas or retaining walls.

Backhoes and front loaders can move a lot of earth quickly, but they can be a liability when excavating around fragile infrastructure such as utilities. When the job calls for delicate precision, J.C.B. Designscapes uses a unique method of “vacuum excavation” to remove soil. This process uses high-pressure water to loosen the soil, then removes both the soil and the water with a high-pressure suction pump. This shovel-free method prevents damage to power lines, water lines and building foundations.

While the finer points of landscaping and hardscaping need to be done by hand, large-scale projects require some degree of excavation. Whatever your Bradford property needs, J.C.B. has the earth-moving resources to make sure that your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

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