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Top 3 Landscape Lighting Questions

New Hampshire landscape lighting tipsKeeping your landscape healthy and attractive takes a lot of work, and you should be able to let that hard work show. Landscape lighting can help you keep your landscape visible during the darker hours of the night, and a great landscape lighting design can even improve that landscape and make it more attractive at night.

When you're creating a new landscape lighting scheme, your options are practically endless, so you'll be able to under-light trees or create a soft glow over a garden to enhance your landscape's atmosphere. At JCB Designscapes, our professional New Hampshire landscaping contractors can help you create a custom landscape lighting design that has a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. We'll work with you directly to make sure that your landscape lighting design is perfect for your home and your tastes.

Landscape lighting can do a lot for your home and your yard. Here are some questions that you may want to consider before you start your project:

Should You Hire a Professional or Do the Job Yourself?

When deciding whether or not you need a professional to do this job, ask yourself what kind of results you want to achieve.

Landscape lighting isn't necessarily too difficult to install on your own, but if you wanted professional quality results, you do need to hire a professional for the job. Most likely, you could set up a few lighting fixtures with their own (limited) power sources in your landscape as a weekend project, and for some homeowners, that's the extent of the results that they're looking for.

For the most stunning design possible, however, you’ll need to hire a professional. Our landscapers can make sure the design of your new landscape lighting installation is an enhancement of your home and your yard. And we’ll set up all of the lighting fixtures so that they’re connected to the same power source, which you’ll be able to control from inside your New Hampshire home.

Is It Better to Pay More for LED Lights?

Let's look at the cost and the lifespan of LED bulbs and halogen bulbs:

  • LED Bulbs cost around $40 each and last for around 20 years (or 40,000 hours of use).
  • Traditional halogen bulbs cost about $5 each, but last for only around 2 years.

LED bulbs will cost around $.50 per year, while traditional halogen bulbs will end up costing you around $2.50 per year. In the long run, LED bulbs will cost about 1/5 of the price of halogen bulbs.

It's important to note, however, that LED lights tend to have a "cooler temperature", which gives them a bluish hue. If you do opt for LED lights for your New Hampshire home, you may want to try to find bulbs that have a higher temperature.

What Qualities Do You Need in Your Landscape Lighting Design?

There are three things you’ll want to make sure are incorporated into your landscape lighting design:

  • Safety,
  • Security
  • Sophistication

The electrical work should be handled by a professional in order to keep this project as safe as possible. Your landscape lighting setup should also light areas near entryways, porches, and patios. The design should also be aesthetically beneficial. Our professional New Hampshire landscaping contractors will make sure that all of these qualities are present in the design of your outdoor lighting.

If you're looking for landscape lighting services in new Hampshire, call JCB Designscapes at 603-763-4949 or complete our online request form.

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